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Melody is an actor singing, dancing, living and working in New York City. 


She began her singing career at age 4 belting out "Oh Mama Dear, I Gave Away the Baby" at Pierre's Playhouse in beautiful Victor, Idaho.  The audience was charmed and that 4-year old girl was hooked and there's been no keeping this girl from the stage ever since.  


Melody has been fortunate to perform alongside such performers as Deborah Cox, Judy Blazer, Michael McLean, Michael Ballam, and many more.  Musical theatre is her first love, but she also spent many years singing and traveling the world with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and at Tokyo Disneyland.  


Melody is graduate of the Music/Dance/Theatre program at Brigham Young University.  She plays piano, guitar, and clarinet and has a soft spot for 70's horn bands and salsa dancing.  

Melody is also an avid motorcyclist who has crossed the U.S.on motorcycle -- twice!  


Just returned from spending 2 years in Europe singing, Melody is currently working on new projects in NYC .  Keep an eye on Melody - and an ear to the ground.


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